Photography | Thom Law

Take a look in my wardrobe and there hangs a disgusting amount of coats. All ranging from a dark navy to a deep shade of black. Of course I NEVER have the right coat for any outfit, hence why I have an unholy amount.

Recently I purchased a red jacket from Primark which is fair to say – Well out of my comfort zone. It has only had a handful of outings for this very reason.

I have always wanted to own a mustard coat / jacket. In previous years, by the time I convinced myself to purchase, the colour has vanished from the shop floors.

This year I decided was going to be the year!


There was, in fact still is, a huge amount of the yellowy hue around in stores at the moment. When I spotted this coat in New Look, I wasn’t even looking for one. It’s just one of those handy stores which have a door either side so you can walk somewhere warm on chilly days!

Randomly hanging on it’s own, in my size, shining out to me like a bright mustard beacon was one last coat. And it slipped on like a big yellow glove. Before I had chance to question myself over it I took it straight to the till and marched my way out and haven’t regretted it once.

I have found a new lease in a lot of my wardrobe now, as berry colours work great with this coat. This old hat which has never really been worn has resurfaced. Suddenly I feel the need to purchase every dark plum lipstick the cosmetic counters stock.

The thick berry jumper you can see hiding underneath is also from New Look and was randomly purchased on that very successful day. It’s actually a bardot jumper and a super cosy one at that. As I write this you can still find it online HERE.

You can find this coat in both regular and petite. (I found out about the petite option a little too late, That would have been a much better fit for my shortie arms) Both are still online with New Look HERE. Take a look on ASOS also, that have some great alternatives.

A massive thank you to Thom Law and his photography skills for this post, check him out HERE.

Laura x



Photography | Laura Ellen Wright | Shelley Beth

Are you ‘Christmassing’ yet!?

In fact, what IS ‘Christmassing’?… It’s when you get that warm fuzziness inside on the lead up to Christmas Day. It’s making the most of every single second in the build up, enjoying Christmas traditions, events, food and the general magic!

In short – ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…!’

Intu Chapelfield asked me to #GETCHRISTMASSING and hit the Norwich shopping centre for a browse around the shops and food court. Shopping and Christmas are firm favourites in my mind so I grabbed the camera and headed into the city. I have also made a Christmassing video which is linked below for you.

First stop was Pret for a festive snack and brew to enjoy whilst I strolled around and took in the festive sights. Christmas is a huge deal to me. No real reason for it, I’m just a big kid when it comes to the December and therefore adopt the perfect Christmassing buzz in the lead up.


First up on my list was a new ‘going out’ coat. It’s most certainly too cold now for a leather jacket in the evenings and as I am creeping into a more mature age in my life I need to feel warm and cosy between cocktail stops.

I have actually brought this coat several times recently and then taken it back because I wasn’t 100% sold on it –  AKA too scared to take the plunge to wear it out in public, coat confidence issues…

This time however H&M have had a final sale out of me, especially as they had 25% off using their H&M Club app – Get signed up to this guys, so many deals to be had!


Now… I’m going to be honest here, this was NOT on the agenda at all. It took all of around 6 minutes in total from this Ted Baker bag to catch my eye and make it’s way into my possession. Come on look at it! The classic staple black over the body, handled bag. This will take me right through into spring next year and can dress any outfit up to glam status. By far the best thing I have purchased in December – So far…


You may or may not know, we have recently brought our first home and have spent some time getting used to DIY whilst decorating the living room. A new decoration for the tree was mostly definitely in order whilst in Intu Chapelfield as we decided for the first time to buy a real tree – And a HUGE one at that!

House of Fraser was where I found this beautiful gold flamingo. He fits into the look and feel of our living room perfectly and was only £6!

I have linked below a video of my #GETCHRISTMASSING trip to Intu Chapelfield for you.

Enjoy December and let me know how you’ll be Christmassing this year with the hashtag #GETCHRISTMASSING. Can’t wait to see your festive moments!

Laura x

*This project has been sponsored by Intu Chapelfield Norwich. As always, my opinions are my own – I don’t do that fibbing thing!


Local Roasters Est. 2009

Photography | Laura Ellen Wright


This is a fairly new area for me, coffee and red wine are most definitely things which have come with age in this household. Don’t get me wrong, I have always been a lover of a festive latte. Having said this it has only been recently the appreciation for coffee and the roasting process has come. How I like to enjoy my (non -festive) coffee now is without milk so I can really enjoy the flavours that come with the different roasts.

Strangers have kindly sent me two of their roasts to try and give my honest opinion on. Don’t panic if you buy beans and you don’t have a grinder, I found the humble Nutri-Bullet does the job perfectly with the milling blade on.


Straight off you can smell the deep chocolate and caramel with this roast, shortly followed by the sweetness of orange. Actually speaking of festive coffees, this one would work perfectly. The farm is situated in Vereda Santa Maria – Hulia, on volcanic soil covered steep hills.

The farm has stayed in a family for generations and now lies with Carmen Rojas and Victor Acevedo. These guys work hard in the long sunny days to produce this coffee as they have stayed clear of mechanical equipment and close to natural traditional farming techniques. You can find out more about them here.


Instantly your nose is filled with sweet notes, juicy summer berries, tropical fruits and (my favourite) pineapple. This coffee has been sourced from smallholders which are based around the Rocko Mountain in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. Coffee from the Yirgacheffe is also known as Garden Coffee.

For every pack of Rocks Mountain sold, a donation to the ‘Girls Gotta Run Foundation’ will be made, you can find out more about that here.


For me the Los Congos is very much a 3pm pick me up. The chocolate undertones most definitely clinching my afternoon twin craving.

Rocko Mountain and it’s fruity nature offers more of a morning wake up and is actually my number one choice of the two.

You can find out more about Strangers Coffee and try your own here. At the moment they deliver for £2 or free if you order over £25 worth with the code – FREE25. Of course if you are local to Norwich you can just pop in to their coffee shop on Pottergate – In the city centre lanes.

Laura x

(Whilst this post is a gifted collaboration with Strangers, as always I have been honest with my thoughts)



An Epic Curry Turkey

Photography | Laura Ellen Wright

After an early Christmas dinner with friends – More about this HERE. We had plenty of our Morton’s turkey left over. So instead of days lunching on turkey sandwiches, I decided to make something a little different.

Let’s get straight into this guys – You’ve filled your belly with turkey and all the trimmings. No matter how much you’ve eaten, there still seems to be half a bird left! Gather up your leftovers and a few store cupboard items to make the perfect turkey curry.


1 tbsp olive Oil | 25g Unsalted Butter | 1 Onion – Chopped |  4 Garlic Cloves – Chopped | 1in Knob Fresh Ginger – Grated | 1 Red Chilli – Chopped | 8 Cardamon Pods – Slightly Crushed | 1tsp Ground Cumin | 1 tbsp Ground Tumeric | 1/2 tsp Chilli Powder | 1tsp Garam Masala | 1tsp Corriander Seeds | Left over Potatoes – Cut into Cubes | 1 Butternut Squash – Cut in to Cubes | 1pt Chicken or Turkey Stock | 125ml Yogurt | 85ml Double Cream | 1tbsp Lemon Juice | 6 large Handfuls of Leftover Turkey – Chopped |


Heat the oil and butter in a large non-stick pot

Add the onions and cook for a few minutes

Add the garlic, cumin, turmeric, ginger, chilli, cardamom, garam masala and ground coriander.

Cook until the onion is soft.

Add the cubes of potatoes and butternut squash. Cook until the potato begins to stick.

Add the stock and bring to the boil with some salt and pepper to taste.

Simmer for 10-15 minutes, until the potatoes and butternut squash are tender.

Add the lemon juice, yoghurt, creme and stir.

Stir in the cooked turkey – I find the darker meat is best for flavouring a curry.

Serve over a bowl of fluffy rice and enjoy.

If you have any leftover turkey recipes, make sure you share them below!

Laura x

(Whilst this post is a gifted collaboration with Morton’s, as always I have been honest with my thoughts)


A Traditional Tasting Christmas

Photography | Laura Ellen Wright



8:30am – There’s a knock at the door. “Good morning madam, I’m Simon from Morton’s Turkeys and I have your delivery’ Who doesn’t like to receive deliveries? Food related ones are by far my favourite. Simon is one of the most friendly, happiest delivery men I’ve ever had knock at my door and it put me in an instantly good mood.

Morton’s contacted me to see if I would like to try one of their turkeys ahead of the big festive day. For the first time ever, I am hosting Christmas for the family. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little apprehensive about cooking for more than three of us. The arrival of said Turkey cried for an excuse for a practice run with friends!


My turkey arrived frozen which worked perfectly as our early Christmas dinner wasn’t planned for a few more days. Into the fridge for defrosting and a good old read of the instructions which were included.

You may want to check the size of your turkey before it’s time to cook it. I did not do this – Cue panic rush to Tesco to buy a MUCH bigger roasting tin!


Having never cooked a turkey before. Actually I’m going to be honest here. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago I attempted my first roast – At the age of 33!

I was really panicked about getting it right, no way did I want a scene from National Lampoons Christmas in my kitchen! The instructions were really easy to follow. I did every step and needn’t have panicked because it turned out perfectly!

The poor turkey gets a real roasting (See what I did there!?) for being a stressful meal to cook. I really did not find this the case and this was my first attempt. To make cooking your Christmas dinner even easier, Morton’s have amazing Christmas hampers, including the humble pigs in blankets, take a look at them Here.


It tasted beautiful, not at all dry, over or under cooked in any way. Everyone complimented the turkey and dare I say it – I’ve nailed a Christmas dinner?! The Turkey we had was enormous! Which means plenty of left overs. Just head HERE if you need some inspiration on what to do with yours.


I really like the fact Morton’s are a third generation local business in Norfolk and have only free range Turkeys. Along with his wife Becca and three young children, Rob Morton has been rearing traditional farm fresh Christmas turkeys for 15 years.

You can choose from Norfolk Bronze or classic Norfolk Black. They also do a range of turkey crowns and boned joints if you have a smaller gathering. Personally I’ll be going for the larger one so I can fill my boots on scrummy LEFTOVERS!

All of Morton’s meats are shipped in insulated packaging by courier – You can even go and collect yourself from their Norfolk farm.

Thank you Morton’s  for giving us an amazing early Christmas and setting the new tradition of a year’s ‘Friends Christmas – Morton’s turkey style’

Take a look at my Christmas weekly vlog below to see more.

Laura x

(Whilst this post is a gifted collaboration with Morton’s, as always I have been honest with my thoughts)