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Believe it or not spring has sprung and talk has already started to move on to summer. I don’t need to remind you of how unpredictable our UK weather can be, especially in the ‘warmer’ months. That’s one of the reasons I find it hard to justify a huge summer wardrobe when there’s a chance of only wearing it for a week or two whilst abroad.

One of my tasks this year is to focus more on utilising my clothing in a more versatile way. I had managed to get myself into such a rut last year with wearing an item one way only and with the same things.


I was kindly sent some holiday pieces from Tobi and have quickly set to styling them in a UK weather appropriate manner. The first is this dipped hem black dress. It’s a thin material with single knotted straps and a low V neckline.

Armed with a simple leather jacket and black sock boots, this beach worthy LBD  doubles up nicely as a perfect look for evening cocktails with the girls. As I’m writing this, I am piecing together an outfit in my head with box fresh white kicks also.


The second dress is a white maxi with some beautiful detailing. Around the pool this would be perfect over the top of swimwear however (for me) it is not suitable to wear alone in this countries unpredictable climate.

This is mainly due to the neckline and myself not having a suitable bra. There’s some lovely work on this dress with cut outs along the bottom quarter and the deep V neckline.

I have slung this oversized cream knit over the top to keep the chill out and the chest in. As you can see from the pic below, it’s a plunging V! Layering up a sundress with a knit makes for some seriously cosy holiday planning.


*Tobi Tri Me Hoop Earrings – HERE

*Tobi Dipped Hem Black Aniyah Dress – HERE

Zara Faux Leather Jacket – HERE

*Tobi Breezy Days White Maxi – HERE

Cream Knit, Similar – HERE

Straw Hat, Similar – HERE

Laura x

*A big thank you to TOBI for sending me these dresses and earrings to feature in this post



Photography | Shelley Beth | Laura Stafford Smith


The seasons are shifting and spring it imminent (Someone please inform mother nature of this fact) Whilst it is not apparent outside winter has finished, it is in the shops and world of fashion.

New Spring trends are in store and I am excited this year to step out of my comfort zone and push myself to try some new pieces. This is one of the reasons I was so excited when Intu Chapelfield asked me to take part in their SS18 Norwich Loves Fashion Event on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th March.

Challenged with choosing a key piece and styling it two ways, I hit Intu Chapelfield with my gift card. This was not as easy as you’d think, there are so many beautiful pieces and trends out there at the moment.

Amazing tailored suits | Sheer fabrics | Polka dot prints | Neon colours. There was so many inspiring pieces to choose from. Here are my two ways of styling the chosen key piece.


At the moment Zara in Intu Chapelfiel is one of my go to places for on trend items so this shopping trip was no exception. My chosen key piece was actually one of the first items I tried on – *The ultra wide legged trouser.

In fact I am pretty sure these are actually culottes however my 5ft 3″ clearly can’t take them for their intended use so trousers they became.

I am of the slightly more comfortable size when it come to the behind so by choosing wide bottomed trousers, I am balancing myself out when wearing heels.
These trousers are a strong look so I wanted to keep them as the feature of this outfit. I have done this by teaming them up with a simple black H&M *bardot body, high subtle heels and zero jewellery. This bag is a House of Holland and Label M collaboration which I couldn’t resist using as my fun pop of colour. 


*Wide legged trousers – Zara £29.99
*Bardot Body – H&M £9.99
Black & Gold Heels – Oasis a few seasons back
Clutch Bag – House of Holland & Label M Gifted


Being short and curvy, trousers are always a tough call for me. I wanted to prove to myself even the vertically challenged can embrace wide leg floor grazers with flats. I chose to style the *trousers in a casual way with a hint of the spring Perisian trend by teaming up some stripes.

This tee from H&M has great detailing for £3.99 with the pinch rolled sleeves. I have contrasted the lines on the top half with *round glasses and layered pendant necklaces. I picked up this faux fur lined bucket bag from Zara in the recent sales and love the scarf detailing. Mildly platformed white trainers take the outfits seriousness down another notch and allows for skipping around town and some major shopping. 


*Wide legged trousers – Zara £29.99
Stripe top – H&M £3.99
White Trainers – H&M £19.99
*Round sunglasses – H&M £8.99
Bucket bag – Zara last season
Short necklace – Accessorize Gift
Mid necklace – Kate Spade £45
Long necklace – And Other Stories £17
If you are looking to get some SS18 inspiration, head to Intu Chapelfield on 17th or 18th March for their Norwich Loves Fashion event. There will be experts on hand to give you tips on fashion & beauty trends, catwalks and mini make overs. I shall also be there on Sunday 18th to chat if you would like to come and say hello. You can find out more about the event here –
Laura x

*This project has been sponsored by Intu Chapelfield Norwich. All items marked with an * were purchased using a gift card kindly given to me by Intu Chapelfield . As always, my opinions are my own – I don’t do that fibbing thing!



Photography | Scott Wright | Laura Wright

Every year we talk about resolutions, discussing in lengths our diets / organisation / money. Whist some do stick to theirs, I am sure most of you are like me… Come Easter it’s all gone out of the window for another year.

This year I have decided there will be no resolutions for me, I’m going for GOALS! Scott and I finished 2016 on a high, we had unintentionally been on 8 holidays that year – EIGHT!!! We hadn’t planned to do that at the beginning of the year, we just focused and it materialised.

At the beginning of 2017 we had not even discussed buying a house. Of course, we had been saving for it (Around jumping on an off planes) however we never though it would be a reality several months later. In February we visited a show home to have a nose around and fell in love with a house. A month later we had reserved a plot and watched the build until we were given the keys to our very first home in June. A massive thank you to both families for helping us during this time with your love and support.

Looking back over the past few years has made me realise focus, determination and positivity has allowed us to achieve the things we have. I am a big believer of putting things out to the universe, coupled with the above will help you reach your goals.

This year I have several goals…


I’m not promising to fad diet / drink less (Come on I bloody love my food and cocktails!) I am however focused on the goal of being able to do a pull up or maybe two. This way my general fitness and relationship with food will come hand in hand.


Again there is no resolution to watch the pennies, there is however a goal to have a new Range Rover Sport sat on the driveway. Finishing 2018 marginally closer to this goal will suit me just fine!


Agreed, eight holidays in a year was pretty excessive. We do want to travel more this year though. Kicking things off with a trip back to NYC in Feb – Courtesy of all the air miles we have been racking up via the clubcard – Cheers Teskies! Keeping costs down, unless we see a mega deal, discovering more of the UK and our own coastline is the plan.


When it comes to work I am all over the organisation, home life and blogging however is a little harder. The focus for the first few months of the year in the home is to put our creative space together i.e. The Study. We have the space however it is currently housing unpacked boxes. I figure having a space which inspires us both, creative plans and organisation will follow naturally.

Are you jotting down goals as we speak? What are they? The more we talk and inspire one another the more the internet and world becomes a positive place to be.

Happy New Year to you all and wishing you an amazing 2018!

It’s our year guys lets go get it

Laura x



Photography | Thom Law

Take a look in my wardrobe and there hangs a disgusting amount of coats. All ranging from a dark navy to a deep shade of black. Of course I NEVER have the right coat for any outfit, hence why I have an unholy amount.

Recently I purchased a red jacket from Primark which is fair to say – Well out of my comfort zone. It has only had a handful of outings for this very reason.

I have always wanted to own a mustard coat / jacket. In previous years, by the time I convinced myself to purchase, the colour has vanished from the shop floors.

This year I decided was going to be the year!


There was, in fact still is, a huge amount of the yellowy hue around in stores at the moment. When I spotted this coat in New Look, I wasn’t even looking for one. It’s just one of those handy stores which have a door either side so you can walk somewhere warm on chilly days!

Randomly hanging on it’s own, in my size, shining out to me like a bright mustard beacon was one last coat. And it slipped on like a big yellow glove. Before I had chance to question myself over it I took it straight to the till and marched my way out and haven’t regretted it once.

I have found a new lease in a lot of my wardrobe now, as berry colours work great with this coat. This old hat which has never really been worn has resurfaced. Suddenly I feel the need to purchase every dark plum lipstick the cosmetic counters stock.

The thick berry jumper you can see hiding underneath is also from New Look and was randomly purchased on that very successful day. It’s actually a bardot jumper and a super cosy one at that. As I write this you can still find it online HERE.

You can find this coat in both regular and petite. (I found out about the petite option a little too late, That would have been a much better fit for my shortie arms) Both are still online with New Look HERE. Take a look on ASOS also, that have some great alternatives.

A massive thank you to Thom Law and his photography skills for this post, check him out HERE.

Laura x



Photography | Laura Ellen Wright | Shelley Beth

Are you ‘Christmassing’ yet!?

In fact, what IS ‘Christmassing’?… It’s when you get that warm fuzziness inside on the lead up to Christmas Day. It’s making the most of every single second in the build up, enjoying Christmas traditions, events, food and the general magic!

In short – ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…!’

Intu Chapelfield asked me to #GETCHRISTMASSING and hit the Norwich shopping centre for a browse around the shops and food court. Shopping and Christmas are firm favourites in my mind so I grabbed the camera and headed into the city. I have also made a Christmassing video which is linked below for you.

First stop was Pret for a festive snack and brew to enjoy whilst I strolled around and took in the festive sights. Christmas is a huge deal to me. No real reason for it, I’m just a big kid when it comes to the December and therefore adopt the perfect Christmassing buzz in the lead up.


First up on my list was a new ‘going out’ coat. It’s most certainly too cold now for a leather jacket in the evenings and as I am creeping into a more mature age in my life I need to feel warm and cosy between cocktail stops.

I have actually brought this coat several times recently and then taken it back because I wasn’t 100% sold on it –  AKA too scared to take the plunge to wear it out in public, coat confidence issues…

This time however H&M have had a final sale out of me, especially as they had 25% off using their H&M Club app – Get signed up to this guys, so many deals to be had!


Now… I’m going to be honest here, this was NOT on the agenda at all. It took all of around 6 minutes in total from this Ted Baker bag to catch my eye and make it’s way into my possession. Come on look at it! The classic staple black over the body, handled bag. This will take me right through into spring next year and can dress any outfit up to glam status. By far the best thing I have purchased in December – So far…


You may or may not know, we have recently brought our first home and have spent some time getting used to DIY whilst decorating the living room. A new decoration for the tree was mostly definitely in order whilst in Intu Chapelfield as we decided for the first time to buy a real tree – And a HUGE one at that!

House of Fraser was where I found this beautiful gold flamingo. He fits into the look and feel of our living room perfectly and was only £6!

I have linked below a video of my #GETCHRISTMASSING trip to Intu Chapelfield for you.

Enjoy December and let me know how you’ll be Christmassing this year with the hashtag #GETCHRISTMASSING. Can’t wait to see your festive moments!

Laura x

*This project has been sponsored by Intu Chapelfield Norwich. As always, my opinions are my own – I don’t do that fibbing thing!